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To Golf or Fish?

The passing of time, the gaining of age and wisdom, the accumulation of experience and the establishment of status allow a man to claim certain rights in life. One is the winter golf or fishing trip.

                 True, men and women often travel in pairs to play golf or sport-fish as part of a planned winter vacation. But the golf or sport-fishing is usually just a portion of that vacation.

We’re talking about the pure winter golf or fishing trip. The mad dash that is taken to someplace relatively warm by four (or eight or 12) guys, solely for the purpose of playing golf or hanging a few lines over a boat. There will be no beach time, shopping excursions, sightseeing days or theme parks.

Just sleep, eat, golf/fish, eat, more golf /fish, eat, restart the cycle.

To those who have not yet asserted their right to the winter golf or fishing trip, shame on you. The next step is gelding status.

The Guys Golf/Fishing trip is pure. It is simple. It is free of distractions and entanglements. And it is a needed dose of warmth , while winter is wreaking havoc with the golf courses and bodies of water throughout much of the cold weather countries.

For those who are flying to our SSPA Dominican destination, there is always the age-old dilemma. Do you wear shorts to the airport so that you are ready for play time as soon as you step off the plane? The time-saving ease of being prepared upon arrival is tempered by the shock of riding to the airport in 28-degree temperatures with a pair of lily-white legs sticking out of shorts.

So pass on this note to your brethren and slip on your shorts and short sleeves and pick up the phone and book the most memorable PURE golf or fishing trip you will ever take, for many it will be a trip they do over and over again…

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