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We are Not just a Villa Rental Company, We provide a 100% Hands-on " SeamLess" Executive Concierge Experience for You.

Pay only Half Price all 2018 Year in Villa #3 & #4



Professional Tools

We at SSPA Incorporated are the creators of a unique business in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Internal Wellness industry. We have set our standards for excellence to meet the highest expectations for any VIP executive.

Are you a CEO looking to forge a strong team of executives?

Trying to create an esprit among your top- level managers?

Recently been acquired or have acquired another firm?

Imagine, then, putting those executives in a setting where every need and expectation is not only met but surpassed. Then observe how that kind of shared experience serves to draw that group closer together in ways you may have never thought possible.

Trying to Motivate your Clients or Sales force?

"People having the experience of a lifetime become excited about sharing their thoughts and feelings of that experience with everyone else involved," says an existing SSPA client. "It’s just human nature."

Customer Relationship Management. (CRM)

Investing in a small but select number of customer service, sales and marketing capabilities can have a huge impact -- potentially hundreds of millions of dollars -- on a company's bottom line, according to a landmark study released by Andersen Consulting. For instance, a $1 billion chemical company or business unit improving its customer relationship management (CRM) capability from "average" to "superior," could gain as much as $100 million in profits, the study found.

SSPA are the craftsmen using our artistry to turn executive level CRM business into a quality product designed just for our clients specific needs. By only focusing our efforts on one product, the Dominican Republic, we bring a value unmatched within our industry.

We are a company who is pioneering a different path within the (CRM) industry. 

Our professionalism and extreme commitment to quality service and support of our product, guarantees your executive level experience to be organized in no less than a "partner-first" relationship with all our clients. SSPA brings you unique travel, innovation, satisfaction, and support.    When you choose to plan with SSPA you will be rewarded with attentive detail oriented service unparalleled by any other.

The unmatched intangibles Sunshine Services of Pennsylvania associates with a "Great Group Experience" compared to a "Good Group Experience." and is the main characteristic that sets us apart from any other!

Internal Wellness Management


Change of the Guard!

Executive Level Re-focus!




Our decision-makers travel with your group. This enables any on-site alterations to be implemented without delay.
SSPA management demands that every employee practice the utmost standard for service excellence .
That standard for service excellence is also demanded from our affiliated business partners.
This demand for service excellence insures that each and every group traveling with us have an impeccable experience, not only on a group level, but at individual level as well.
You will find the comfort in that SSPA has forged a strong relationship with "Air Ambulance Professionals" for any emergency medical needs while traveling with us.

World Class Excellence in Service & Image is What We Strive to Achieve

Nothing Short of This Goal is Accepted!

Sunshine Services of Pennsylvania is the ultimate "hands on firm." This services begins from wheels down of your airplane to the wheels acend up when you leave!

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