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We are Not just a Villa Rental Company, We provide a 100% Hands-on " SeamLess" Executive Concierge Experience for You.

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Esprit de Corp                       

  Note from Brian Alan Shipley, Owner SSPA Inc.

        That sense of group spirit and belonging commonly referred to as Esprit de Corp does not happen by accident or chance.

"It is the result of a particular kind of shared experience," notes James V. Calabrese, a senior manager with Arthur Andersen LLP, a major accounting and consulting firm.

And the more extreme that shared experience, the deeper, more profound is the esprit that can be created.

"The most obvious example would be the military in wartime," Shipley explains. "But any extreme experience can produce the same effect."

It follows that were you to consider the military in wartime as an extreme experience on one end of the spectrum, then something akin to absolute, indulgent luxury would be an extreme experience at the opposite end of that spectrum. That absolute, indulgent luxury setting is provided by SSPA Inc. to foster the esprit among your executive team.

Consider for one moment:

You are a CEO looking to forge a stronger team of executives, an esprit among your top- level managers. Imagine, then, putting those executives in a setting where every need and expectation is not only met but surpassed. Then observe how that kind of shared experience serves to draw that group closer together in ways you may have never thought possible. "People having the experience of a lifetime become excited about sharing their thoughts and feelings of that experience with everyone else involved," says Shipley. "It’s just human nature."

One thing such groups experience is a sense that they may never get a chance to do anything like this again, so they tend to savor every moment. Also, however - and this is something that should be near and dear to any CEO wanting to build a true team of leaders willing to go to battle for the life of the organization – these groups will want to share every one of those savored moments with each member of the group.

Teams are not built by design; they are built by and through experience, a particular kind of shared experience. We here at SSPA provide precisely that kind of shared experience-of-a-lifetime that will transform your managers into the team you always hoped would be possible. The result will be a closely knit, stronger executive team who will achieve together and survive together as a result of sharing experiences on a personal level.

And all that can happen in a week at a cost that is less than those years of seminars, conferences, and incentive outings you thought would give the results you hoped for, but didn’t.

We've seen it happen time and time again with groups we have brought to our unique setting along the Dominican Republic’s as yet virtually undiscovered and certainly unspoiled "coconut coast." Stay in our lavish, luxuriant fully staffed villas overlooking the magnificent rocky cliffs of the azure blue Atlantic Ocean.

You will dine on sumptuously prepared native seafood and fresh fruits, and enjoy live floor shows and luau-style pig roasts hosted on your villa’s grounds.

Play the Robert Trent Jones masterpiece "Playa Grande", a breathtaking, yet eminently playable 18 hole championship course that runs along and sometimes over those same oceanside cliffs.

If tennis is your desire, the lawn court at one of our villas will provide the perfect setting as you play your match surrounded by natural fruit and vegetable trees and overlooking the scenic Atlantic Ocean.

Then relax on the Playa Grande beach itself – visible from the 13th hole of the course, and reputed to be one of the ten most beautiful in the world or if you prefer, take advantage of the swimming pools and hot tubs which are available at the villas.

Visit this website, then give us a call, and let us tell you how we can customize an experience that will turn your executives into a dedicated, cohesive team that is the very embodiment of esprit.


Brian Alan Shipley - Owner & Founder

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